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Philip van Buren has probably taught more Archery Leaders courses than any other Archery GB (AGB) / Grand National Archery Society (GNAS) coach over the last 30 years. Philip has also coached for many UK and European Leisure companies, youthGrand National Archery Society (GNAS) organisations, including Guides and Scouts, Center Parcs, Community Youth Services and GNAS Club Archers including various University Archery teams.

As an assessor since 1980, Philip has also examined at all levels from National Coach to Leader & Instructor.  As a coach tutor, Philip has taught to all levels up to National Coach status and also overseas in France, Channel Islands, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Corsica, Greece, Kos,Turkey Scotland and Pakistan.
In January 2016, Philip became a L4AIQAQ (QCF) Level 4 IQA Internal Verifier for both Archery GB &1st4Sport to ensures the quality control of Coach Courses and Assessments.

Philip's knowledge of archery is second to none, whether tutoring courses for juniors, adults or those with learning difficulties. Philip's approach is totally inclusive to all.

For professional archery training at competitive rates look no further than Archery Leaders. 

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Philip J van Buren has been coaching archery for over 45 years. During that time he has shot for Great Britain four times, become UK champion five times and won numerous County and Regional Championships. 

In 1995 Philip was selected by FITA to set up the Pakistani National Archery Federation and Olympic Training Programme based in Islamabad which  he completed in 1996.

Philip has assisted the Archery GB Performance Unit as a National Squad Coach and an occasional Team Manager since going to the 2007 World Indoor Champs in Turkey and World Cup in Korea.

Archery for ALL
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Archery for ALL
Philip J van Buren, BA Hons (PES), Cert Ed, SNASC, GNAS Senior Coach
Coaching Qualifications attained:
Archery Leaders County Coach in 1975 GNAS has been 're-branded' to ARCHERY GB
Archery Leaders Regional Coach in 1980
Archery Leaders Senior Coach in 1995
Archery Leaders International Coach in 1996

Besides being a fully accredited D32/33 NVQ Assessor, Philip has also been an assessor of coaches since 1980 and probably tutored more GNAS Leader Courses than any other Senior Coach in the UK.

Philip is author and editor of the GNAS Leader Training Manual that became the model for the revised basic archery instruction. He was also jointly responsible for updating the Senior Coach Training and Assessment programme (SCTP) with the National Coaching Organiser (Education) and as SCTP Coordinator, he was the Head Tutor of the National Programme for 13 years to 2012.

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Archery Leaders
Archery Leaders Philip van Buren was the first archer to achieve both Master Bowman and then Grand Master Bowman status in both Field and Target Archery concurrently shooting Compound Unlimited. Archery Leaders for GNAS Archery Leader Training UK
Archery Leaders Founder of first blind archery club in the world at St. Dustan's near Brighton (now Blind Veterans UK) and inventor of the "Tactile Sight" enabling blind archers to compete on level terms with sighted archery partners.
Archery Leaders Jointly responsible for the introduction of the compound bow from the USA to the UK in the late 70's and helping to establish the bow as well as gain acceptance with the GNAS.
Archery Leaders Member of World Field Champs 1st GB compound team in 1988.
Archery Leaders Set up the Pakistani National Archery Federation and their Olympic Training Programme in 1996.
Archery Leaders Awarded the title of Ambassador for the Guides Association in 2000.